TPG Asset Management, LLC.

Tactical Management

The Asset Management Team at TPG understands the priorities and responsibilities of asset management from years of experience owning real estate across all asset classes. TPG Asset Management seeks to provide ownership with the tools necessary to make timely and effective decisions throughout the asset lifecycle ensuring that each property is managed and maintained as an investment in accordance with ownership expectations regarding:

  • Financial Returns
  • Value Creation
  • Risk Mitigation

Investment return is maximized through value-added services including:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Franchise Selection
  • Franchise PIP (Property Improvement Plan) Negotiation
  • Financing/Refinancing
  • Development/Expansion Feasibility and Implementation
  • Retail Outlet Leasing
  • Rooftop Management
  • Capital Program Management
  • Property Tax Abatement
  • Sales and Use Tax Review and Credits
  • Utility Procurement Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Buy/Sell Analysis

Effective and seamless communication is the backbone of the services provided by TPG Asset Management and is achieved through:

  • Single Point of Contact Relationship Management
  • Monthly Reporting Tailored to Individual Ownership Requirements
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Quarterly Ownership Meetings
  • Annual Asset Management Plans

TPG Asset Management can tailor its services to meet the needs of an individual asset owner or an institutional investor. Current Asset Management assignments include services to individual owners, a university endowment fund and the California Public Employees Retirement System through a TPG co-sponsored opportunity fund.


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